Reasons to Use a Laundry Delivery Service

Dump the Toxic Laundry Drawer

You know what I mean; from DIY bottles filled with hydrogen peroxide to the most expensive laundry stain removers. Do you really want all that stuff in the house? Tell us what you spilled, and let us worry about your stains.

Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst. – William Penn

Probably the biggest advantage of having your laundry picked up is the amount of free time gained. And you know what that means, right? You’ll finally get to take that photography class.

You already hire people to do other house chores, why not laundry?

You probably have somebody mowing your lawn and maybe even a house cleaner. Why not hang a laundry bag and let us pick up, clean, dry, fluff and fold your clothes?

Longer life for your clothes

Leave it to the professionals to make your whites look whiter and expand the life of your clothes.

Stop Trying to Read Those Laundry Tag Instructions

Let the experts deal with the instructions. If a piece of clothing deteriorates during the washing cycle, we will fix or replace that specific item.

You Don’t Need to be Home to Do Laundry

Hang the bag outside, and we’ll pick up your laundry.  We’ll also drop off the clothes in a place you designate.  Got a special instruction, just leave us a note in the bag.

Get Creative – Break Your Routine

Honestly now, aren’t you tired of doing the dishes, making the beds, and sorting laundry? Break the habit; start using a laundry delivery service.

It’s Costs Less Than You Think

Believe it or not, a laundry delivery service is not a luxury.  In most cases, your time is better spent doing something else.  All you have to do is calculate the cost of replacing machines, chemicals, water, and time (and if your time is worth money, lost revenue) with the laundry service cost; it may pay for itself.

Schedule it, and Forget It

Not only can you leave it to the professionals to handle your dirty clothes properly, but you can also schedule your favorite pickup days, and we’ll swing by and pick up your laundry bag.

Your Company just Left… Let’s Celebrate!

It’s great when family visits.  But they leave behind baskets of dirty sheets and towels and additional hours of doing laundry. Don’t sweet it, celebrate! Call us for a special pick-up using our Laundry App.

We are Laundry Smoke Odor Removal Specialists

When clothing is exposed to the smoke of a house fire, the odor is strong and requires special care to get it out.  Fire damage companies contract with us, so you know we can get it done.

Don’t turn your nose to your clothes

When you have had water damage, your clothes may start smelling musty because they have been infested with mold, or mildew, let us help in the clean-up, just call us and we’ll pick-up and deliver your laundry, fluffed and folded and smelling fresh again.

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