Laundry Service in Norwalk, CT

Hello Norwalk, Connecticut!

Life just got even better! Guess what? You don’t have to do your laundry anymore! That’s right, your days of participating in America’s most despised chore are over! All you have to do is sign up for White Street Laundry pickup and delivery services. White Street Laundry offers laundry pickup and delivery in Norwalk, CT.  There is no additional charge to signing up for our pick-up and home delivery laundry and dry cleaning services. The price is a per pound price, similar to the cost of doing it yourself.  We do your laundry exactly the way you want it done. Choose your detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. You can even let us know the way you want your clothes folded or hung – right down to your socks (rolled or folded?). Better yet, we offer eco-friendly and fragrance-free options right down the line.

So if you live in Norwalk, CT let us take laundry off of your to-do list. We’ve got you covered.

About Norwalk, CT

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Norwalk is a city located in southwestern Connecticut, in southern Fairfield County and on the northern shore of the Long Island Sound. The city was settled in 1649 and is Connecticut’s sixth most populated city with a population  just under 88,500.

Norwalk was incorporated 2 years after its initial settlement. The town’s name comes from the Algonquin word noyank, meaning, point of land. Originally, Norwalk was bounded by New Canaan, Wilton and Westport. In earlier days, the boundaries were known to extend “from Norwalk river to Saugatuck river, from sea, Indian one day walk into the country.” Nicknamed “Oyster Town,” Norwalk has several prominent oyster fisheries which provide a large source of the city’s income and have done so since the early 1800s. The Islands of Norwalk Harbor lie in close proximity to New York City which allow for profitable oyster harvesting. Beach goers will recognize discarded oyster shells along the Connecticut coast which are indicative of the importance of oysters to pre-Columbian inhabitants of this area.

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